Customize your Clover

If the device is the heart of the Clover Station, the apps are the soul.

We’ve got a dizzying array of applications available—think reporting, table management and beyond. Choose a basic setup to start, then add more sophisticated applications as your needs develop. We’ve designed Clover to grow with your business.


Your home base for quickly creating and charging for orders. View all of your inventory in one place. Ideal for quick serve restaurants and retail businesses.


Full service restaurants: this is your home. Assign tables to servers and manage table ordering, printing, and paying from here.


Reports give you powerful insight into your business. Get instant access to payments, cash logs, and employee sales.


Track and find your orders, add tips, and refund payments.


Managers can display a digital note on all their Clover devices. Say goodbye to sticky notes taped to register screens!

Apps for you

Browse and install apps to fit your every need. The Apps app is the place to find custom solutions for your business.

For the geeks in the crowd, you’ll know that an open App Market based on the Android operating system means you can tap into a community of developers who continually add new solutions available for download. We at Clover build some of the apps, but we can offer more apps, faster, by opening up the development process to a broader community.