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We make accepting payments easy, secure, and professional.

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In the past, we only accepted checks. To provide added convenience for our customers, we decided to start accepting ATM and credit cards. We like the simplicity of Clover.

Kim Frey

Frey and Associates

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Reliable and secure

We secure our hardware and network end-to-end to protect payments as well as your and your clients' sensitive data. Reliable payments matter, and we deliver.

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Exceptionally simple to use

Clover is designed to feel as familiar and intuitive as your smartphone. Accepting all payment types is swift and easy, so you can get back to your clients.

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Well‑designed and professional

Enhance your clients’ experience at your firm. Whether you’re scheduling a consultation or taking a payment, Clover evokes quality and professionalism.

Secure, professional payments.


Clover Mini. Your payments powerhouse.

Clover Mini packs a lot of power into a sleek, sturdy little device. Remarkably simple to use, it delivers fast, secure, reliable payments. What’s more, its clean design reflects well on your modern law firm.

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