Customer receiving boba tea from worker

Customer Engagement for Boba Tea Shops

Serve up special discounts and offers for birthday celebrations and other special occasions. Our loyalty programs let boba tea shop owners like you create a tea-rrific experience for customers—and stir up more traffic.

Customer drinking boba tea

Knowing customer flavor-ites is a must for boba tea shops. Clover Feedback lets you do real-time market testing of new tea flavors and menu items, just like the big companies do—but without the big price tag.

The Five Faves

Boba tea shop merchants have teed up five Clover loyalty program favorites. Take a look.

Turning not-so-great customer experiences into memorable ones is much easier with freebies sent through Feedback. You can gift your customers a free drink, an in-store discount, or a coupon to bring them back for a bubble tea.

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