Chef touching screen of kitchen display system.

Clover Kitchen Display System

$799 + $25/mo per device

One screen. One source of truth. No pens, no printers, no lost tickets. Just a real-time look at ticket times, order statuses, and everything else that keeps service moving smoothly.

Kitchen display system screen

Make orders make sense

  • Bridge the gap between your front and back of house so you never get thrown off by order volume swings again.
  • Consolidate your order channels and put all on-premise orders and off-premise third party orders in one place.
  • Do away with paper ticket clutter in the kitchen. Place an order on any device in the restaurant, and it will fire straight to the KDS.
  • Print Runner tickets on any network-connected printer directly from the KDS.
Kitchen display system interface elements

Keep operations running smoothly

  • Improve diner experience by speeding up service without losing order accuracy.
  • Track your team’s performance and adjust as you go with prep time and fulfillment reporting.
  • Reduce the risk of operational mistakes for on-premise ordering.
  • Increase orders and revenue.
Chef holding bezel of kitchen display system while looking at orders.

Built for restaurants – and restaurants only

  • The Clover KDS is purpose-built for food service and kitchen environments. Made of temperature-resistant aluminum, it has the highest heat tolerance (122°F) on the market.
  • Easy to clean with anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Expanded 14" display makes the screen easy to see.
  • Bi-directional speakers help alerts be heard even in the noisiest kitchens.

KDS software features

Multi‑level fulfillment
Expo mode
Item level routing
Prep time reporting
Color‑coded order status
Runner ticket printing

Frequently Asked Questions

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