Contactless card payment on a Clover Go reader

Clover Go: A mobile POS system

Pair this portable credit card reader with the Go app on your mobile device to take payments wherever you do business. Clover Go gives you the power of a full POS system and works anywhere you have a WiFi or a cellular internet connection.

Clover Go app running on a tablet with a Clover Go reader on a dock

Take payments on the go

  • Easy for everyone to useThe Clover Go app is easy to download and intuitive to use so you can start processing sales with your mobile device and optional Go card reader right away.
  • Flexible order managementOpen, edit, delete items, or take payments later without having to close out a transaction and start a new one. Offer one-touch tipping and process full or partial refunds, returns, and exchanges quickly.
  • Save on in-person paymentsPair the Clover Go app with the Go reader to accept payments by chip or by tap at lower card-present fees.
  • Take all tender typesAccept all major credit and debit cards, use card chip or mobile wallet contactless payments. Plus, take Tap-to-Pay on iPhone while running the Clover Go App.
Customer making a contactless payment that is paired with the Clover Go app on a tablet

Manage your business anywhere

  • Works with iOS and AndroidThe Clover Go app works on all the major operating systems so, no matter what type of mobile device you use, the Clover Go works for you. Plus, it’s optimized for Apple iPad screens.

  • Configure to suit your needsSet your business’s discount, tip, and tax rates directly through the POS dashboard on your mobile device. Automatically apply service or delivery charges.

  • Sync with your Clover dashboard and devicesStay on top of your business from anywhere, with everything synced to the Clover Dashboard.

  • View all transactions in the Clover Go appSee your entire transaction history – including open, pending, and completed transactions – whether they’re created from your Clover Go on mobile devices, Clover Go reader, or another Clover device.

Clover Go reader with an explanation of measurements and weight

Clover Go reader details

Payments: Accepts chip, dip, and contactless payments including Tap-to-Pay on iPhone, Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

Digital Receipts: Stores digital receipts, sends them via email or text to customer-provided contact information, and tracks the status of outstanding balances.

Security and support: Clover Security Plus and all day, every day support to assist you with your needs.

Connectivity: Micro USB for charging, Bluetooth® to mobile device for payments.

Battery life: Estimated 160 dip, 160 swipe, or 130 contactless transactions per charge.

Compatibility: Compatibility: iOS 10 (Bluetooth LE required) and Android 4.4 (and higher).

Clover Go dock stand without a Clover Go device

Countertop convenience

  • Mount your Clover Go reader to the Go Dock to accept card payments securely on a countertop.
  • A high-friction rubber foot keeps the Go Dock steady on various countertop surfaces.
  • A double-sided adhesive sheet (included), and holes for screws/bolts (not included) allow for optional secure mounting.
  • Go Dock supports a security lock.
  • A USB charging port enables continuous use of the Clover Go reader without removal from the dock.
  • Dimensions: 88.4 mm / 3.5 in L x 80.4 mm / 3.2 in W x 38.3 mm / 1.5 in H

We have a Clover Go that we can take with us when we’re going on a shoot. We use it to process client payments on site and email a receipt, or sometimes we use it to invoice clients for payment later.

Richard Nahki

JoJoseph Photography, Amarillo, TX

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Clover Go reader

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Clover Go reader

Virtual Terminal to request and process payments

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