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Accept large payments in the field with Clover Go

Read how Transylvania Moving Company uses Clover Go, an app paired with a mobile card reader, to accept payments for big jobs anywhere, anytime.

The Challenge

This moving company needed to accept large payments securely while in the field—in cities and rural areas.

The Solution

The Clover Go mobile app and card reader help the movers accept payments anywhere, anytime–even without a Wi-Fi connection.

The Result

Now, the movers can focus on the tough job at hand and rest assured that payments are taken care of reliably and securely.

Transylvania moving company employee walking on a sidewalk toward a crew of movers handling furniture

Accepting payments on the go with the Clover Go mobile app and card reader

Diana Ghiura has worked in the moving business for nearly ten years, but the events of 2020 changed her course. After giving birth to her first child during the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to take ownership over her career and open her own business.

At first, “finding customers was the greatest challenge,” Ghiura recounts. “I’m a woman and people don’t usually associate the moving industry with women, however, we’re trying to rectify that and advertise that we are a woman-owned company, and it’s been working fine so far.” When it came time to choose a payments processor, going with Clover was a no-brainer. “I used Clover before, and it was just the logical choice,” Ghiura recalls.

As anyone who has ever moved knows, moving is expensive–especially long distances. Ghiura knew that providing the option to pay for these expenses with a credit card was essential. “We cannot expect everyone to have cash available or to just write us a check. So we found Clover,” Ghiura says.

I can process payments myself from the dashboard, or I can have my movers do it from the Clover Go app,” Ghiura says. “This is great because you don't need to have the Go card reader to process payments on the phone. It's a great resource!”

Diana Ghiura

Transylvania Moving Company

Getting set up with her first device was easier than she thought. “I got the Clover Go mobile app and card reader within 48 hours of ordering it, and could start taking payments right away.”

Her moving team also found Clover intuitive to use when processing payments on the job. “We’ve had zero connectivity issues with the Clover Go,” Ghiura explains. "It always connects with the app, so we can swipe the card right there. We don’t want to waste time with poor devices, or poor internet connection, or an application that doesn't work. We've never had any issues with Clover, so that's why we’ve stuck with it. I'm very happy with Clover.”

In cases where Ghiura’s team is managing multiple moves in a single day, they don’t need to worry about sharing the Clover Go card reader. “We run up to two trucks a day. If we have the second truck out, we just process the payments online.

Clover facilitates moves for Ghiura’s team all across New England, even outside of cities and suburbs. “We do a lot of moves in rural areas—New Hampshire, Vermont—where reception is not as consistent, and we still haven't had any connection issues with the Clover Go card reader. It’s been very reliable.”

Beyond the dependability of processing, Ghiura likes the transparency of Clover’s processing fees. “I also think the processing fees are pretty well disclosed. So you know exactly how much to expect to pay when you swipe the card.”

Ghiura appreciates Clover’s partnership in her young business, and looks forward to growing Transylvania Moving Company along with Clover. “You guys have a solid card reader and very reliable software. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Customer inserting credit card into Go card reader to may for moving services

The Clover Difference

Transylvania Moving Company can accept “on-the-go” payments in no time and virtually any payment type anywhere–even when there’s no Wi-Fi.

Two Transylvania moving company movers unloading a hot tub off the back of a truck

Why Transylvania Moving Company loves Clover

  • Processes payments on any phone or tablet on the Clover Go mobile app–with or without the Clover Go card reader
  • It's easy to start processing payments right away
  • Allows multiple moving teams to accept payments on separate jobs
  • Transparent credit card processing fees
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