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CRM software for any small business that means business

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Your relationship with your customers is key to growing your business. Clover's CRM (customer relationship management) software included with our POS systems help you grow and nurture those bonds—for the long term.

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Get to know them

Use our customer relationship management system to help turn first-timers into long-timers. Identify your most loyal customers, what they like to buy, and when.

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Bring them back

Create promotions for popular items and communicate them to your customers to help keep them coming back.

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Reward them

Let your most loyal customers know they’re special with rewards. Our POS systems include the tools you need to create and manage a customer loyalty program.

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Hear their feedback

Don’t wait to hear how your customers feel about your business from social media. Get direct, private responses from your customers with Clover’s feedback tool.

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Get to know your customers

  • Do you know who your customers are?Create customer profiles automatically from credit card sales. Link future transactions to build a more complete picture.
  • Keep your list up to dateUse our customer relationship management software to keep your clients’ contact and marketing preferences current.
  • Meet your biggest fansGet to know your best customers with profile photos, purchase history, and their rewards tier in your loyalty program.

Your customers deserve the best

  • Flex your reward musclesCreate powerful, customized, data-driven reward programs right in your Clover system. No strings attached (or cables to plug in).
  • Spread the wordUse our CRM system for your small business and broadcast your rewards program to your customers and social followers—all with a single tap.
  • Make rewards simple & funEnable customers to check into your store and check out, too, with the Clover app for iPhone and Android.

Invite them to the house

  • Turn customers into loyal fansBuild ongoing interest—and sales—with promotions communicated through text, email, social media, and your own payment receipts.
  • Speak their languageBuild segmented customer lists for strategic promotional campaigns based on individual tastes and buying trends.
  • Tell them they’re missedIdentify customers you haven’t seen for a while and reach out to them. Send them a special “we want you back” promotion.

Ask and they’ll tell you

  • Get proactive feedbackAsk customers about their experience, right from their digital receipts.
  • Engage one-on-oneInteract with your customers directly and in private—outside of social media and online review sites.
  • Show them respectFollow through on customer feedback and reap the rewards from their appreciation, trust, and loyalty.
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