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Woman standing inside an ice cream truck while a customer stands outside smiling and waiting to be served. Ice Cream flavors are presented on a board outside of truck.
Case Study: Walrus Ice Cream

Drive more sales with loyalty and rewards programs

Find out how Walrus Ice Cream keeps its customers coming back for more with their rewards program, promotions, and gift card offerings.

The challenge

A beloved local spot needing to expand customer loyalty.

The solution

Clover Customer Engagement suite bundles rewards, promos, and feedback into a database of patrons for easy, targeted benefits and connections.

The result

Targeted benefits and strengthened connections that give customers even more incentive to support their favorite local business.

Four chocolate-dipped ice cream cones with different ice cream flavors in them lined up in a cone holder.

How Walrus Ice Cream maintains a loyal, profitable customer base

Walrus Ice Cream has been a staple of downtown Fort Collins, CO, since 1987. Lisa Paugh, the owner since 1999, beams with pride when discussing her shop’s many offerings.

“Here at Walrus, we make our own ice cream. We rotate over 400 flavors throughout the year, based on seasonal trends. We can pretty much do any combination of ingredients that people ask for,” Paugh shares. “A couple restaurants in town have commissioned us to make ice cream inspired by their best-selling desserts, which helps bring people to Walrus because they see what we do and want to know what else we have to offer. Many of our customers come in just to see what flavors we have because it’s always changing,” Paugh says.

Even with the endless variety of flavors, Paugh considers other ways to entice customers into the store. After upgrading her POS system to Clover in 2014, Paugh was amazed by the immediate uptick in business.

“With Clover, our volume increased right away,” Paugh explains. Because we can move people through the line faster, our sales increased 28% in the first year.”

The rewards program is really popular and is a great way to say thanks for supporting us,” Paugh says. “People use those rewards all the time to redeem $5 off after earning 50 points. And we now have something close to 3,000 people in that rewards program!”

Lisa Paugh

Walrus Ice Cream

Implementing Clover Customer Engagement in their workflow also made a huge difference. When they first rolled out the program during the early months of the pandemic, Paugh noticed a strong uptick in repeat customers.

The Promos have also proven to be a great way to roll out a new product or flavor and drive sales.

“We just recently invested in an espresso machine, and we wanted the community to know that we upped our coffee game,” Paugh recounts. “We sent out an email to everyone in our Clover Customer Engagement database offering a discount on a coffee to entice them to come check it out. Sixty percent of people opened the coupon, and 15% redeemed it. It just goes to show that communicating with our customers through Clover really does work!”

When the storefront ceased in-person operations in early 2020 due to the pandemic, Paugh started selling digital Clover gift cards, establishing a sales channel that requires no paperwork. Digital gift cards opened up the market far beyond Fort Collins, CO.

“Adding digital gift cards to our website was the best decision," Paugh says. "I’ll come in and have sales without having done anything! It’s sales that we don’t even have to worry about because it’s in a totally different place.”

“With the Clover gift cards, I’ve noticed that it’s really handy when a family member from a different state wants to buy a birthday present or Christmas present for their kid or grandkid,” Paugh illustrates. “They can order that gift card online and it’ll go straight to whoever they’re buying it for. It’s extremely convenient.”

Dozens of customers socializing at an ice cream shop event. At checkout, there are four Station Duos sitting on cash boxes and weight scales with ice cream holders.

The Clover Difference

Walrus Ice Cream saw a 28% increase in total revenue in their first year with Clover. Fifteen percent of customers redeemed promotional coupons from campaigns, and digital gift card sales comprised of 4% of overall sales.

Two adults and two children sitting at a table holding ice cream sandwiches out into the center of the table.

Why Walrus Ice Cream loves Clover

  • Grew their database to 3,000+ customers
  • Ability to communicate new products and promotions efficiently with customers
  • Easy digital gift card sales through their website
  • Digital gift cards expanded online sales far beyond Fort Collins, CO
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