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Case Study: Curious Plantaholic

Learn how to grow with gift cards

Find out how Curious Plantaholic was able to use Clover gift cards to help increase traffic and sales at their shops and online.

The Challenge

Enticing more plant lovers into Curious Plantaholic's shops and online store.

The Solution

Clover gift cards offer merchants a way to drive return traffic, new customers, and up-sales - and come in physical and digital formats.

The Result

Recipients of Curious Plantaholic gift cards tend to spend more than the gifted amount and have become part of the store's community, boosting word-of-mouth advertising and sales.

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How Clover helped a plant shop drive more business in store and online

In 2020, Brandt and Jennifer DeLorenzo took over what they called an “ugly” space in the town of Nazareth, PA, and transformed it into Curious Plantaholic, a one-stop shop for greenery of all shapes and sizes. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as people flocked to find green friends to keep in their homes.

The popularity of the store inspired the couple to open another outlet in Clinton, NJ and build an online store.

Plants are personal – you never know what plant someone will love. So, Curious Plantaholic turned to Clover and its gift card program to help boost sales.

There was an initial rush where every day the store would be jam packed and you wouldn’t be able to move,” DeLorenzo says. “We have new people coming in every day that say, ‘Hey, I’m just getting into plants. This is going to be my first plant.’ It’s still nonstop.”

Jennifer DeLorenzo

Curious Plantaholic

“We heavily market the use of gift cards,” DeLorenzo says. “It works out not only to our customers’ advantage, but also to ours.” She explains: “When a customer has a gift card, they’re more likely to spend more than they’re given.” They’re going to say, for instance, ‘’Oh, I have a free 50 bucks to spend, and I have some of my own spending money. So maybe I’ll drop $100, even though I only have a $50 gift card.’ That happens almost every time someone comes in with the gift card.”

DeLorenzo accepts Clover gift cards – physical and digital formats – in both of their retail stores. To further increase return traffic and upsell gift cards, Curious Plantaholic offers extra incentives to customers when purchasing a gift card.

“If a customer purchases a gift card, we’ll give them 10 percent off something else at the same time,” DeLorenzo says. “So not only are we ensuring that a customer is getting a good deal when they’re here purchasing gift cards, but they’re going to come back and buy other items with the discount we provided. Bundling and offering incentives has made it really easy for us to sell gift cards.”

Often, gift cards are considered a non-essential item, but Curious Plantaholic has proven gift cards to be an essential part of the shopping experience. Their customers have responded by using gift cards as a great way to offer friends and family the gift of a plant.

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The Clover Difference

Gift cards have increased average sale value for transactions that use gift cards. Gift cards have broadened their online and in-store customer base through customer gifting.

Why Curious Plantaholic loves Clover

  • Use gift cards as an upsell opportunity for both the buyer and the receiver
  • Gift cards help to increase customer spending to as much as twice the gift card value
  • Physical and digital gift cards are easy to create and sell in store or online
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