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A top‑shelf convenience store POS system

Discover how Clover’s POS system for convenience stores (c-store) can power your entire operation–from payment processing to inventory management to customer loyalty programs.

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Keep lines short with a c-store POS system that can process payments in just seconds


Use promotions, discounts, and loyalty points to attract and retain customers


Program your POS system to automatically notify you when stock runs low

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Schedule shifts, process payroll, and track performance through a single dashboard

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The most convenient way to take payments

  • Accept most major payment typesLet your customers pay however they want–whether by credit or debit card, gift card, cash, or mobile wallet.
  • Take payments offlineDon’t let connectivity issues slow down sales–take payments in offline mode and process them when you’re back online.
  • Track transactions easierIntegrate your c-store POS with the accounting software you already use to help manage payments and bookkeeping better.

Build your own POS system

Choose your plan, devices, and accessories with just a few steps.

Three great Convenience Store POS systems to choose from

for subscription or purchase.

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Accept payments and run your business with a compact 8" countertop POS



Do it all with a paired 14" touchscreen terminal and 8" customer-facing display



Extend your reach with a handheld device on top of our 14" and 8" countertop displays

Clover’s convenience store POS works with software you’re already using

Clover is an open platform and provides integration with accounting packages like QuickBooks for seamless bookkeeping.

Easily manage your entire store from a single dashboard

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Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Set up low-stock alerts to help avoid running out of best-selling items
  • Spot sales trends and track expiration dates for perishable items
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Tracking & Reporting

  • Track your store’s revenue in real-time with detailed reports
  • Create custom reports to help guide long-term decision-making
  • Make tax prep easier with reports that sync with your bookkeeping software
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Employee Management

  • Set permissions and define roles to restrict employee access to important data
  • Manage schedules and track hours worked, benefits, and time off
  • Evaluate team performance with insightful personnel reports
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Customer Engagement

  • Attract first-time shoppers with promos and special offers
  • Drive repeat business with loyalty points that keep customers coming back
  • Offer branded physical and digital gift cards

Use built‑in tools to help your convenience store grow

Rapid Deposit

  • Manage cash flow and get your money in minutes.
  • Avoid the lag time of traditional settlement funding and get access to your sales transactions immediately. A 1.5% fee applies.
  • Transfer up to $10,000 of eligible sales deposits per request, with no limit on the number of requests per day.
  • Link your debit card and enroll in minutes on your Clover Dashboard or any of your Clover devices.

Clover Capital

  • Access working capital to help purchase equipment, expand shop space, and adapt to industry trends
  • Get funded on your future credit card sales with Clover Capital. No fixed term or payment amount.
  • Pay at the pace of your sales. A percentage of your Mastercard and Visa transactions is deducted daily.
  • Access funds with confidence. Our systems are supported by one of the world's largest financial institutions.
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Let’s work together

Ready to take your business to the next level? Discover how our convenience store POS solutions can help streamline your operations, save time, and increase sales – all while providing your customers with a positive shopping experience.

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