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Get to know your customers

The secret to a great customer relationship is knowing the customer. Get to know your customers even better with Clover Customers. Clover helps you build a customer data platform automatically from credit card sales. It’s simple, and comes free with your Clover system.

Power to know is power to grow

Knowing your customers is crucial to your business. Clover makes building and updating a customer database simple.

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Profiles made simple

Clover builds customer profiles automatically from credit card sales. It’s a snap to keep customer contact and marketing preferences current.

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The power behind your apps

Clover Customers powers all your Customer Engagement tools. Every interaction enriches your customer database and makes your list ever more useful.

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Preloaded and ready to use

You can connect with every customer, building and deepening relationships over time—right from your POS. It’s free with your Clover system.

Let’s build a village

  1. Create your listWhen customers use a credit card and request a digital receipt, their contact information is added to your list.
  2. Enable opt-inIt’s easy to get your customers’ permission to reach out to them: all they have to do is tap “follow” on their digital receipts.
  3. Stay in the knowUpdate customer information anytime from your Clover POS. Add notes, birthdays, or food allergies.
  4. White glove treatment for your VIPsShower your VIPs with extra love: create just-for-you promotions, and let them earn more bonus points, faster.
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An app built for standout customer experience

  • The Clover mobile app gives customers a simple way to earn rewards and order ahead at favorite businesses—like yours. It puts your business in your customer’s pocket.
  • For customers, earning perks is as easy as sharing their first name when transacting. And the Clover app makes transactions even faster with order ahead and autopay.
  • The Clover mobile app is fast, friendly, and free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a great way to deepen customer relationships and keep them coming back.
  • See how the Clover mobile app enables your customers to place mobile orders for pickup while earning rewards at your business:
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The Plus plan rocks—and pays! You can schedule a full week’s worth of promos all at once with Plus. Then, check in to see how successful each promo is, right from your POS. For busy shop owners, being able to see the sales from an active promo means the difference between wasting time and getting results.

Discover our Customer Engagement suite

Customer Engagement Plus plan packs more power when you need it

You get unlimited outreach, targeted promos, birthday rewards, automated win-back campaigns, and so much more. That’s a lot more customer engagement power for just $99/mo. Terms & conditions apply.

Explore Clover Customer Engagement

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